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Has the Depopulation Hypothesis Been Proven Correct?

By Chris Waldburger Sept., 16, 2022


In highly vaccinated nations around the world, births are down significantly and excess mortality is up significantly. These are the same countries whose populations are already aging and in decline. It is time to give the depopulation ‘conspiracy theorists’ an apology.

Israeli death:

Australian death:

The red line represents death.

From Trust the Evidence’s analysis of the Australian Bureau of Statistics death data:

From June 2021 to May 2022, there were 16,467 more deaths than normal in Australia; 

5,619 of these were attributed to covid, and 10,848 were not explained and weren’t covid.

The ABS also tracks the number of deaths against historical averages. 

In May, 16,124 deaths occurred: 1,922 (13.5%) above the historical average. 

In 2022, 75,593 deaths occurred by 31 May: 10,757 deaths (16.6%), more than the average.

Deaths due to dementia were 20.5 percent above the average for the year to May; cancer was 6 percent above, and diabetes was 20 percent higher.

In Victoria State, where adults are 95% vaxxed, deaths are 27% above the monthly average.

British death:

I have already the thousand excess deaths a week in Britain. Yes, a thousand a week.Chris WaldburgerBritish press finally start asking questions about all the deathsAlmost a year ago, I tried to sound the alarm about what was becoming obvious in British death data: After another year of mysterious and tragic excess death, the establishment newspapers in that country are edging their way to asking some hard questions of their government. However, they are still unable to question the modern sacrament of vaccination, …Read morea month ago · 44 likes · Chris Waldburger

German death:

Eugyppius brings to our attention an upcoming paper by German researchers from the Universities of Regensburg and Osnabrück, who applied actuarial analysis to official German death data:

In 2020, the observed number of deaths was close to the expected number with respect to the empirical standard deviation. By contrast, in 2021, the observed number of deaths was two empirical standard deviations above the expected number. The high excess mortality in 2021 was almost entirely due to an increase in deaths in the age groups between 15 and 79 and started to accumulate only from April 2021 onwards. A similar mortality pattern was observed for stillbirths with an increase of about 11 percent in the second quarter of the year 2021.

Something must have happened in April 2021 that led to a sudden and sustained increase in mortality in the age groups below 80 years, although no such effects on mortality had been observed during the COVID-19 pandemic so far.

What happened in Germany in April 2021? Shhhh.

Swiss death:

Again, via Eugyppius, deaths in vaccinated Switzerland outstrip the unvaccinated pandemic years:

He goes on to quote a leading Swiss newspaper:

Until now, such scenes like this only happened in other countries: People who visit a doctor’s office are sent home due to capacity reasons or have to wait for hours. This week, sick people were faced with closed doors at the Permanence-Practice on the Marktplatz in Oerlikon. A notice said: “Due to high workload, we are unfortunately unable to accept any more patients today.”

This is by no means an isolated case in Switzerland. Axel Rowedder, specialist for internal medicine and head of the Medix clinics in Basel and Pratteln, has also had to briefly close his walk-in practices a few times this summer. “The congestion in the outpatient sector is massive. In Pratteln or at the Basel train station we have waiting times of up to four hours, sometimes even longer” …

Why are so many people suddenly ill? Where are all the patients coming from? “If we only knew,” says [Esther] Wiesendanger [another clinic administrator]. “I have the feeling that more people are sick and also more often.” But she won’t speculate on the reasons.

This is just a selection of countries, but, in fact, the whole continent of Europe is reporting excess death, particularly in age groups which are highly vaccinated and shed many of the infirm during 2020.

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Where are the babies?

But here is where the predictive power of the conspiracy theorists comes into its own, in the drop in fertility.

Again, I have covered this previously, here, using data from many of the same countries as above.

El Gato Malo has done a follow-up on the Swedish fertility data. And it is not looking good:

And the drop occurs nine months after April 2021.

Is this why Denmark has dropped vaccinations for under 50s – even as South African scientists grind their teeth at our people’s mass rejection of shots which are now being discarded after expiring? Is this why China, keenly trying to re-grow its population after its one-child greying,. has not touched the mRNA shots?

What continues to annoy me greatly is the flat-out refusal of so many to face this data.

The people who mocked the sceptics for being anti-science now will not dare be scientific at all.

They were never pro-science, they were pro being ordered about, being herded by media and corporations and their political lackeys.

It’s time to grow up.